Do you feel that realizing you’re genderfluid (and accepting it) has helped you to be more open-minded in general?

And do you think more genderfluid people are bi or pansexual, partly due to being more openminded about oneself?


  1. kisumiwishes answered: I find that being gender fluid and accepting it only adds to be being comfortable about my feelings for those of either/neither gender.
  2. the-screeching-madness answered: It helped me become more open-minded…but I don’t think sexual orientation has anything to deal with it. :I
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    Trying once more, I wonder if being more openminded about yourself might lead you to being more flexible about what you...
  4. camibuvet answered: 1. Yes 2. I have always identified as a lesbian, but I’ve realized that my concern about being with men is that they’d force me to be a girl.
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    There have been some great responses already; I wanted to clarify my 2nd question, though—I don’t mean that these...
  6. hipsterizzy answered: I think being open-minded helped me to realize I’m genderfluid. :3
  7. leolinster answered: No. I’ve always been open-minded. Not sure about the 2nd question though…
  8. jige answered: Absolutely. I feel more confident and attractive too.
  9. punkyfunches answered: Yes. Without a doubt.
  10. little-chelle answered: I think that being genderfluid has really opened my mind to different genders, but not only me but the people I educate when I come out! c:
  11. thren answered: Until I realized I was genderfluid I never even gave a lotta thought to trans* stuff, so I think it helped a lot with being open minded.
  12. ihavetoes answered: No.
  13. klutzygeek answered: I like to say that being beyond the binary means being unable to define one’s sexuality in terms of it; this isn’t always the case though.