"binding" thighs

Anonymous asked genderfluidity:

I’m a genderqueer, fem bodied. I have dysphoria with my thighs and ass. Is there anyway that I can make them smaller like bind or compress them?

Hi anon!

I don’t know what you’re built like or where you live, but from what I can tell, across the Western world and at least some of South-East Asia (and I think spanx and other companies will ship overseas if you order online) you can get those “body shapers” or other compressive garments designed to give cis women of average to large size a more ideal figure. It’s kind of counterintuitive to use those to get a more androgynous figure, but they’re worth a shot. I know you can get ones that compress the butt and thighs, but they will probably also try to slim the waist (if you don’t want that, maybe cut off the waist bit and hem it down I guess - in fact, if you get a high-waisted one, the cut-off-waist bit can double as a binder).

The other option to look for is athletic gear. Tight bike shorts in certain materials, or knee-length semi-pro swimming trunks (in a boys’ size, if you can’t fit mens’) would probably do the job. They’d also feel less feminine.

Either way, though, do let us know if you find a solution - it’s not something I think many have thought or talked about!



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    Underworks (in their FTM section) has “Firm Compression Shorts” that seem to be specifically for this purpose!”Wear...