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Anonymous said: I'm the anon who asked about wanting to be intersex. Everyone's responses helped me out a lot. It's relieving to know I'm not alone. Thank you so much to everyone. ♥

I am very glad for you and I appreciate our followers so much too!

Anonymous said: I wanted to respond to the previous coming-out anon. I came out last week to a few friends and my partner, and although they were supportive, I can't help feeling bad, like I'm lying to them and to myself. The worst part is with my partner who is also genderfluid and I can't help feeling like their identity is more legitimate than mine. But I keep telling myself that my feelings are valid whatever they are. And just reading your tumblr also helps a lot. Thank you so much for what you do.

<333 You’re welcome and thank you darling!

bregaladtheconqueror said: hello! I just wanted to let you know that all of you are awesome, thank you for supporting all of us!

Oh, thank you so much! That is so encouraging to hear, both of us really appreciate your thoughtfulness in saying so.



remi-moose said: Thank you so much for what you do on here. I'm sure it can get overwhelming with the amount of messages you get. But just know that it's helping at least one person figure out their gender identity. It's really helped me to see that my feelings are okay and normal. So thank you. :)

You seem to understand how it is, and that sympathy and kindness are both valued. Thank you so much for your support and for letting us know that our support is valued in return. Hugs!

Anonymous said: I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer my ask. It really did help me figure things out :)

Of course I’m not sure which ask that was, but we’re very happy to know that a portion of what we do is positively helpful to people who are much like us, and in a way are like family. Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know that we’re succeeding, at least sometimes!


Anonymous said: Thanks for the great blog! It's amazing to hear so many perspectives from asks/submissions and to just have a space specifically for us. :)

It’s very sweet of you to say so. Thank you so much. Sometimes we might get discouraged, but finding super encouraging messages like yours really helps us to surge ahead!

Thank you from my heart for your kind and patient encouragement, my dear friends and followers. I think I may have made some new friends tonight and I’m really pleased.

I’d love to shout out to any bloggers who are “above the common Tumblr ages”, e.g. maybe in their mid twenties or older, as I am. I would love to make some more nonbinary friends in that sort of age group.

I love my friends so much


Anonymous said: I just told my boyfriend I was genderfluid a few days ago. I feel so lucky to have been accepted and loved! He had so many great questions and this blog helped me answer them. Thanks for being awesome, peeps.

That is so wonderful to know! Thank you a zillion times for sharing this dazzling news. I’m so glad that our blog is helpful in these success stories. I’m proud of us all as a community and glad for you and your boyfriend personally!



Anonymous said: i dont know if yall remember me but im a genderfluid FAAB from a few days ago that asked what i could wear that is still fancy for a girl without wearing a dress. and i just wanted to say thanks for helping me out :) i still ended up having to wear a dress because my mum thinks its the only thing and i just tire of predicaments after a while but maybe next time i can convince her :) but yeah thanks for everyones help!

Gosh I can’t believe I missed posting this one earlier. I sure do remember, and I’m really glad the community came out to help you!


troglobite said: just wanted to drop by and say that you're all lovely and kind and give excellent answers and support. your blog lets me feel happy and safe and i wish you all the best, especially in return for all of the good that you do. :)

thank you!!

making people feel safe and supported is all i’ve ever set out to do here, and i’m so so glad that that has been the case at least for you.


Anonymous said: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Eternal thanks for all your help and encouraging words. Hope you all have a great time!

Thank you so much, Nonnio. We are so glad any time we succeed at being helpful…and it means so much when you all tell us so. I love our community here. <33

asspeaches said: im so honored that you reblogged my post! my goodness! I love this blog, it helped me when i was having trouble with my gender identity. Now, im a proud genderfluid. Genderfluid power!

Hurray, I’m glad you’re pleased. We’re always delighted to know we have been helpful and only wish we had ample time to respond to every ask we get. One day, we hope, we will be able to be fully caught up, but we’re so busy!