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Anonymous asked: To the anon ho was talking about wanting a penis... I identify as a girl most of the time, but during sexytimes for some reason I desperately wish I had a penis. I've experienced this with both male and female partners. So you're totes for goats not alone.

I thought the anon wasn’t alone! Any more of you want to share?

Anonymous asked: I recently discovered that im genderfluid-and by discovered I mean accepted and embracing it, yay - but up until now ive identified myself as gay-more specificaly if the person identified as a guy- and im wondering can I be like girls when im a girl

Yes, dear, anything that feels right to you IS right for you. No rules you can break here as long as everyone plays nice. <3

Anonymous asked: I'd be wary of using enbysexual as there are a whole lot of nonbinary individuals who don't approve of the term "enby". Just a heads up.

Yes, I gather that, but it may work for some people and if they like it they’re welcome to embrace the term. You are also free to be wary, of course.

Let’s let everyone decide for themselves.

Thank you for that heads-up, I believe you mean well. I just know that at the same time, there are also people who do like it and they have the right to use it if they want to.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any good, short (2-5 minutes) YouTube videos about being outside of the gender binary? I cannot for the life of me find a single one that is both informative and not tediously long or boring. I'm finding videos for my school's "Free to be me" (LGBT pride) assembly and want to represent a wide range of people under the queer umbrella. I have videos from trans, lesbian and gay YouTubers. At this point I'll settle for anything—genderfluid, bigender, agender, genderqueer…please help!

I’ll best someone knows some good stuff for you!

Anonymous asked: Since I first explored sexuality I've sometimes (on-and-off) imagined myself having sex with women as someone with a penis. In the past I've IDed as genderqueer/androgynous, but I think it's more fluid than that? For the last couple of years I've felt like a girl even while imagining myself like that sexually. I wish my breasts were smaller but I don't have a problem with having them (though I've bound sometimes). I don't mind having a vagina either. I'm really confused about my gender/body.

I can identify with this sort of feeling, and I am pretty sure others will, too! Please, folks, pitch in!

Anonymous asked: I sent an ask awhile back about my gender identity becoming more agender recently; I haven't seen you answer it yet :/ Did tumblr eat it up?

I’m pretty sure it’s still in the list of questions to answer, Anon, I’m sorry, it’s just a busy time. We’re doing our best, sorry for the delays! Not on purpose, and we’re not ignoring you; we’re just swamped.


Anonymous asked: about dfab people and internalized misogyny: personally, when i'm more male aligned (since i'm all over the place, i'm not sure if this counts) i tend to be very misogynistic to myself, thinking things like "boys don't do (things i'm doing) only girls do that you're a terrible guy", so i personally think it's possible? especially like you said if they were IDing female for a while (i spent 18 years thinking i was a cis girl before i figured things out)

Thank you for sharing, Anon!

Anonymous asked: Can dysphoria ever be something other than feeling born in the wrong body?

Oh yes, in fact a lot of people use “dysphoria” with the assumption that it implies gender or body dysphoria, but just as you can have euphoria about anything, the same is try for dysphoria, in a vocabulary sense at least. The opposite of elation. Why, what else did you have in mind, Anon?

Anonymous asked: if im genderfluid (afab) am i nonbinary or trans?? and what do i refer to myself when people ask me what gender i identify as, because i feel gf isn't enough??

The way I understand the terms either, or both, also fit you, based on what I know about you (which is very little). But why do you feel genderfluid isn’t enough? It’s maybe lesser known, that could be it. <3

Anonymous asked: Hey, dmab thinking of transitioning here again. I'm in Alberta, Canada.

Hi! Good to have you back, you doin’ OK? Hugs!


Anonymous asked: i'm not sure if this is really a question but i use they pronouns. okay. and i got pretty hardass about people using them for me, but when i'm thinking about myself (i tend to kind of narrate? in the third person? it's odd) i use she and when i force myself to use they it feels kind of unnatural and forced. like i still really don't think of myself as female but that's the most comfortable way to refer to myself (1/2)

but i feel like i have to go by a neutral pronoun as far as other people are concerned so they like. take me seriously, i guess. it seems really stupid and i felt the need to put it out there i don’t know sorry

No, that makes sense, it takes some getting used to and that’s all right. Hugs!

Anonymous asked: I posted on Tumblr recently about not always liking my body. Sometimes I want to pass for a boy, sometimes I'm okay with being a girl. I'm not comfortable with the cisgender female label I've always identified with. Someone commented just because I'm not okay with my body sometimes doesn't mean anything. They said I'm still cis and I should just wear masculine clothes to cover up the parts I don't like. But I don't feel like I'm cis and that comment really messed me up. I don't know to do.

We sympathize, and I bet some people have ideas for you.