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Hi there! I’m a 21 year old female and recently I’ve been doing some soul searching and I realized that I’m bisexual. I dug a little deeper and I started questioning my gender identity. I sometimes joke with my boyfriend and say, “Sometimes, I feel like a dude.” And I’ve said this for a while now. I’m starting to wonder what I really am.

Basically, there are times when I feel like a guy and I’ve always fit in better with men, even though at the time I was still the girl of the group. Growing up, I mostly had guy friends too. I also despise wearing make-up and doing my hair more than letting it air dry. lol I also don’t really feel comfortable in most dresses. Occasionally, I’ll wear one but I sometimes almost feel fake. Like I’m trying to be a girly girl when i’m not. :/

I was talking to my best friend about it and I said to her that I almost feel like I’m 60% woman and 40% man. If that makes ANY sense… So I mostly identify as a female. I saw the word bigender and I seem to kind of fit that but I’m not sure. 

I’m totally willing to have an open conversation with anyone about this. Thanks.