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Hello! Thank you. You are our 4,000th follower!! Hurray.

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I’m diggin’ the URL!

captainlitebrite said: [blows raspberries] oh shush, you nerds. tumblr mobile accidentally unfollowed you gu]ys for me. but of course, y'all lured me back.

I was figuring it was something like that. Well, good!

captainlitebrite started following genderfluidity

Why, this is lovely…only I really thought you were already following…? At any rate, we’re very glad you’re here.

We are just 20 followers away from 2,000!

I never ever expected to have such a huge reaction. Thank you darlings!

Big loving hugs from Anna

Who will be follower # 1500?? Just one more dawn, one more day, one day more, twentyfourhours later, two half days after the time it is now.

Tomorrow comes! BAM

Thank you for following. Of course, if you like Prokofiev, the cat IS the clarinet!

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Hello dear.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand KABOOM!

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You, dear, are our 1,000th follower! YAY for 4 digits! Good for now at least! … :-P

Thank you very very much, everyone! This is certainly a first for any blog I’ve ever had. 

And I’m sure I speak for all our moderators in saying that I’m thrilled and grateful.  

We are at the cusp of a new era. Or ear?

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Thank you! You are our 999th follower.

We are SO CLOSE to 1,000 followers at genderfluidity!





OMG, 892 followers!