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Anonymous said: I discovered a new word that you may be interested in. "Skoliosexual" is attraction to those who do not identify as cisgender, primarily to non-binary and genderqueer.


The word origin is a little bit unflattering, but I’ve heard of this word and if there were another word that were equivalent but not so unpleasant in its background it would be one I would use for myself often. 

Anyone got any alternative terms?



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It is likely to take a period of adjustment, if this hasn’t already happened, where you get used to the idea of being the way you are and recognizing that it’s not what you thought and not what others have assumed, and that your upbringing did not prepare you for being different. 

The main thing I could suggest is just that you believe me: you are the way you are, and that’s not a bad thing. You’re not alone and there are many others with similar feelings and conditions to yours, and we are here to comfort and console you  all the time. If others don’t understand, refer them to ME and I’ll handle it. :D You’re OK as you are, it just takes some getting used to before it’s easy to accept it, but knowing that you’re not wrong or weird or a freak…that you’re WONDERFUL as you are…that is a good thing and we support you.



SO YOUR CHILD IS GENDERQUEER: a guide for parents



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THIS IS TREMENDOUS! Please let’s use this approach whenever we find people  need to be educated about gender diversity. It’s not angry, blaming, or negative; it’s very positive and encouraging for everyone! It’s aimed at parents, but it’s really information that is accessible to everyone. We’ve all had people in our lives that needed to hear all of this. Share this around!!

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I definitely fell trying to put my pants on.

For anyone who has any questions, I’m wearing the T-Kingdom Model 801 Binder, size medium (I’m 5’2”, about 117 pounds, and I’m around a 34 C bra size), and the Goodvibes Sailor Soft Pack packer, caramel, 4 inch version (I think).


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/ˈjendərˈpivət/ (noun):

a term i coined to describe the intersection of genderfluid and bigender identities in which one of the genders remains stagnant while the second gender fluctuates without a predestined path. 

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Hey, it’s okay…


…if you want to bind and wear a dress.

…if you want to stuff and wear a suit.

…if you wear mascara and lipstick and men’s perfume.

…if you get a manicure and take T.

…if you work out, get ripped and then wear a bikini.

…if you like stuff stereotypical of your assigned gender.

…if you have surgery and then wear clothing for your assigned gender.

…if you bind, and then stuff.

…if you stuff, and then bind.

…if you change your name to a gender-neutral one.

…if you only want surgery sometimes.

…if you only want hormones sometimes.

…if you only want hormones.

…if you don’t want to medically transition at all.

…if you’re not even sure HOW you would go about dressing in drag.

…if you’re yourself.

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