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Hey everyone. It’s Miri/Lucas. I’m thinking about changing my name to just Lucas once I get to college. (Lukas on my girl days) I’m not sure yet. You can just call me Miri while I get everything figured out. I’ve been switching from girl to boy to girl and back again for as long as I can remember. Just recently, I was boy for my eighth grade and freshman year. A girl for most of sophomore and all of junior year. I’m leaning more towards my boy side right now even though some days, I’m a girl. I’ve just found out what gender fluidity is and figure that it’s what I most likely am. I’m DFAB (Take off the D and I’m FABulous. Haha.) I’m sixteen, but I turn seventeen in less than a month. Sorry this intro was everywhere.

Okay, so I’m dfab, and have extremely large breasts. For a long time I wanted to get top surgery to just get rid of them, but then on more femme days the idea scared me because I liked have breasts, cleavage, etc. But binding is essentially impossible when I want to be flat chested because it’s just not going to happen with what I have going on in the chest region.

So after a lot of thought and research, I decided breast reduction surgery would be right for me. I could still have breasts when i wanted them, but I could make them small enough that I could bind flat when I wanted.

The problem is getting a size that fits the delicate balance between big enough for femme days, and small enough for masculine days is kind of hard;;;

I’ve looked into this extensively, from what they would look like in general at different sizes, and also how people who naturally have those sizes have dealt with binding and what their end results look like, and I’ve ended up tied between B-Cup, and C-Cup.

However most people are wrong about their cup size, and judging based on look is really hard and confusing, so I’m still really unsure…

Like exactly how small is a B-Cup, because there seems to be a huge variety between different sources!

And Would a C-Cup be too hard to bind flat?

So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas, opinions or suggestions about what I should go for, or, if anyone else has done something like this, what did they do, and were they happy with the results?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

(Key replies: The Bra Band Project may be useful here! I personally have small DDs (I think 30DD in American sizes) that are pretty easy to bind flat, even with respiratory issues, the larger the band size the larger the volume a particular cup holds, so it might bind less effectively. I’ll note that with mine I can even go braless under layers and be read as flat-chested, so there’s a point to measure from.)

Anonymous said: I feel the want to do "sexy" things with people like make out with only underwear on. I find no please in masturbation or the thought of sex, but I think I'd like it if I had a penis and no breasts. I'm still not old enough to have sex yet, so is any of this this normal?

I am pretty much certain that your feelings are not unusual or unique. At that stage of my own life I was still in a confused denial about everything, so I had some urges that I couldn’t understand, but not specifically those ones.

But how about our readers?

I am really confused by myself

Okay so I recently came out as bisexual to my friends and classmates (some already knew) But I`ve been thinking a lot about that and other stuff since then. For example, I have been thinking about my gender a lot.

Since I was a little kid, I really liked to dress up in boys costumes and stuff and as I grew older I really liked boys clothing and I have no problem with wearing and buying it. But sometimes I wish I were a boy, and other times I just find myself comfortable in being a girl. Sometimes I just don`t know what I am and I know I don`t have to label myself but I feel better knowing what and how

I am also afraid that I am just faking all this, including the bisexuality part (even though I have a big crush on a girl)

(okay this is a bit of a messy message but I can`t explain it properly) Do you have any advice?

Heeey. I dont know if you remember me, but im the person looking for the binder.. We might be getting this one, but I dont know what size to get. (46 inches, 44D) Sorry if im being a little bothersome ;;

Help with a bind?

Hey, im weird with introductions, so ima just tell you that my name is Katie and im 16… And heres my question:  Im thinking about getting a bind for my chest.. But I dunno what size to get. I asked my mom, and we even used the lesloveboat chart to figure it out.. But we didnt know how to use it, eugh. But we did measure my chest for its size and she said its 46 inches (Im a 44D). Also, its my first time with one.. So do you know any good binders for starters? Cheap too, i sound weird asking about the cheap cause it makes me feel.. well.. cheap.. But we’re kinda in a bind with money and bills… If you can answer these, I will be realllllllly happy.. Thanks c:

Anonymous said: Hello! Can I still consider myself a woman while identifying as genderfluid, or am I reducing genderfluidity to a trait in doing that?

I’m a genderfluid trans woman myself, I think you’ll be OK, cis or otherwise.

buckybarnesownsmysoul said: Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm writing a series of short stories that tell the typical "knight, princess, dragon" fairytale but I'm doing it in a way that challenges social and gender norms. One of these stories will involve a genderfluid character, be it the "knight" or the "princess", and I really want to represent them the best way I can. I guess it boils down to what advice would you give someone wanting to write a genderfluid character? Thank you!

Folks, what would you recommend for our friend?

Anonymous said: Hi! Do you think it's possible to be gender neutral but feel dysphoric about a biologically female body? I'm more comfortable with it some days than others, but overall I have a lot of trouble with things below the waist...

Certainly, you don’t have to qualify to get the “right” to feel dysphoric.

thehomelesswhisperer said: do you have any recs for books on genderfluidity? I'm wanting some more learning material on the subject and i don't know where to go.

I personally don’t know of any. Readers, got any books on genderfluidity to recommend?

Anonymous said: Um, is it common for a nonbinary person to want to be intersex? I'm afab, and sometimes I really want both a vagina AND a penis. Is that weird?

I don’t think it’s unusual. I often fantasize about that situation and would like it if that could happen, and I can easily imagine that would become a strong wish in some people.

Folks, how about you?

Seeking Advice


What is a positive way to feel in control of yourself/your life/your body? 

Because I’d really like to not relapse but I also need to be in control rn. 

I want to know about that too. Signal boost and I think I’ll follow this post and see what comes up.

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