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Hello all, i’m Liz. I’m a 20 year old Holistic Psychology major. 
I am just starting to come to grips with my identity. I’ve been very confused about it for  a while, and even more confused about pronouns. I didn’t always feel comfortable when people referred to me as “her.” 
I am genderfluid, and I am finally comfortable with that. 
Some days I am Her. 
Some days I am Him. 
And recently I’ve learned that I frequently feel like Xem. 
I’m in the process of writing out a PSA for facebook and i’m kinda nervous about it. I don’t really know how to help my friends figure out when I prefer which pronouns, as my preferences flip flop as frequently as my blood sugar (ding ding i’m also a type 1 diabetic!!). If anyone has any suggestions for how to go about signifying to your friends what pronouns you’re feeling each day, I’d love some help. 

Anonymous asked: I recently discovered that im genderfluid-and by discovered I mean accepted and embracing it, yay - but up until now ive identified myself as gay-more specificaly if the person identified as a guy- and im wondering can I be like girls when im a girl

Yes, dear, anything that feels right to you IS right for you. No rules you can break here as long as everyone plays nice. <3

Anonymous asked: I discovered a new word that you may be interested in. "Skoliosexual" is attraction to those who do not identify as cisgender, primarily to non-binary and genderqueer.




The word origin is a little bit unflattering, but I’ve heard of this word and if there were another word that were equivalent but not so unpleasant in its background it would be one I would use for myself often. 

Anyone got any alternative terms?



I often say that I’m queersexual. I think you could extend to genderqueersexual or enbysexual, which sounds kind of fun! (Enby being a phonetic spelling of NB for non-binary).

Thank you, good ones! Any more, darlings?

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any good, short (2-5 minutes) YouTube videos about being outside of the gender binary? I cannot for the life of me find a single one that is both informative and not tediously long or boring. I'm finding videos for my school's "Free to be me" (LGBT pride) assembly and want to represent a wide range of people under the queer umbrella. I have videos from trans, lesbian and gay YouTubers. At this point I'll settle for anything—genderfluid, bigender, agender, genderqueer…please help!

I’ll best someone knows some good stuff for you!

Anonymous asked: Since I first explored sexuality I've sometimes (on-and-off) imagined myself having sex with women as someone with a penis. In the past I've IDed as genderqueer/androgynous, but I think it's more fluid than that? For the last couple of years I've felt like a girl even while imagining myself like that sexually. I wish my breasts were smaller but I don't have a problem with having them (though I've bound sometimes). I don't mind having a vagina either. I'm really confused about my gender/body.

I can identify with this sort of feeling, and I am pretty sure others will, too! Please, folks, pitch in!

Genderfluidity For A Larger Biological Male

im 14 and am 5’10” and weigh around 175lbs. I am pansexual and also feeling gender-fluid, im wondering if you have advice on makeup, clothing, anything to help me figure out which direction to go in for the right stuff! all help is really appreciated!

Tips for a larger genderfluid (born male)

im 14 and am 5’10” and weigh around 175lbs. I am pansexual and also feeling gender-fluid, im wondering if you have advice on makeup, clothing, anything to help me figure out which direction to go in for the right stuff! all help is really appreciated!

Anonymous asked: I posted on Tumblr recently about not always liking my body. Sometimes I want to pass for a boy, sometimes I'm okay with being a girl. I'm not comfortable with the cisgender female label I've always identified with. Someone commented just because I'm not okay with my body sometimes doesn't mean anything. They said I'm still cis and I should just wear masculine clothes to cover up the parts I don't like. But I don't feel like I'm cis and that comment really messed me up. I don't know to do.

We sympathize, and I bet some people have ideas for you.

How I know I’m non-binary

(submitting this bc it’s long so u don’t have to answer multiple asks)

so i’m a cisgender female as far as most people know but i have masculine and androgynous days often so i’d like to come out as genderfluid someday

here’s my list of questions:

  1. Even on my masculine/androgynous days I sometimes still feel sexually like a girl, not as in I’m straight (because I’m not) but I am comfortable with my body and don’t mind being treated sexually as a girl as in I don’t mind someone touching me. Does anyone else experience this (if this makes any sense)? This is different from where I’d want to not deal with my body or wish that I had a penis and a flat chest and want to be touched and that’s why I find it slightly confusing..
  2. I don’t know how I’d let people know what gender I’m identifying by from one day to the next since my clothing doesn’t always dictate my gender… Is there some trick someone knows about without causing dysphoria?
  3. I’m terrified to cut my hair yet it causes a lot of problems for me… I have a round/oval face shape (sometimes it looks longer i don’t know why) and I can’t find a haircut that I think would look good.
  4. Since my body is by no means androgynous, I have a problem with finding pants for my more masculine days because my butt is somewhat big (already a problem with finding pants in general) is there a place that anyone’s found that works for them waist-hip-butt wise? That’s always the most problematic area on my body to fit. 
  5. I have an overwhelming fear of using public bathrooms anyway but if  I absolutely had to, what would I do on my masculine days? My problems with this are sometimes I don’t look/want to look like a guy necessarily on my masculine days and is there some sort of cup type thing that I could wear all the time so I could use urinals?

I know these are long questions but if anyone has the answers to any of them please message me or send an ask here!

Anonymous asked: My names Alex/Archer and I'm genderfluid and lately I've been having issues with clothes. A lot of the stuff in my closet I feel is for days that feel more feminine or more masculine some days, never in between. For the days that I feel as so, I have such a hard time trying to figure out what to put on because it doesn't make me feel comfortable and I'm not exactly sure what to look for. Any advice?

Your story matches that of many of us. I’m sure lots of people will now share their stories and suggestions with you for the greater good.

[That’s your cue, dearies!]

Anonymous asked: Recently the issue of haircuts came up. I'm afab, and not out to my family yet, but it's really important to me that my hair be short because it helps drastically with dysphoria. I also don't like going to get hair cuts because I never have the heart to tell them they've done a haircut wrong. So I convinced my mom to cut my hair this time. (1/2) -H

I told her before she started that I wanted it short and out of my way- I didn’t want to feel it on my face or around my ears. I said that if a boy cut would be easiest to do that with, to give me boy hair. By the time she was done I had told her to shave my head repeatedly. My hair is shorter than before, but it’s still girl hair, and really bad girl hair at that. What do I do to get the hair I want? (2/2) -H

Please, y’all, pitch in!